Descriptive essay about my dream house

Johnson didn't seem to notice, and lectured on in his steady monotone voice.

Writing 3: My Dream House

A piece of paper landed on my desk, which snapped me back to reality causing me to slurp up the excess liquid on my lips. The paper was a note from Keli. That seemed to be all we ever did in Philosophy, write notes. I opened it and peered down at her neat, smooth handwriting.

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My land will be located on the Isabella Island. It will be nice and relaxing because it has a constant weather all that time, perfect environment. Also I will have a nice 2 floor cabin. The cabins will look like the ones that you see in forest. My whole family will live there after I am But before that I will spend my time gathering all the money to buy a piece of land, a plane, a boat, and some vegetable seed lot of them.

I want my dream place to be nice and relaxing where you can enjoy the environment and very peaceful weather Research Papers words 2.

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The images the reader gets are cold, lonely, and dark as some think winter to be; however, in the second part the reader receives an image of bright colors which could be interpreted as a time of renewal, spring, or a time when things are looking up. Imagery and metaphors are used to show the reader the feeling and life depiction of the person in the poem while portraying the image that reflects this Free Essays words 1.

This is significant because it speaks about how people may use their imagination as a means to reinvent themselves Whatever terror I had faced in my dream would be washed away with a swallow of water. I picked my way downstairs, using only the feeble nightlight for navigation, a game I played to prove I could survive if I lost my sight. As long as I could find the kitchen, I figured I 'd be okay.

I filled a tumbler from the tap, took a couple of long gulps, and carried it around the central stone hearth that divided the kitchen from the living area He kept chewing on my clothes. He loves to chew. I was not angry at all. And find the action hilarious.

When he was hungry he would constantly make a bahhh sound. He had small horns. And yes my best friend was a goat. This goat was not any old goat. He was very young.

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My grandpa made a promise for me that he would replace him for another goat. So my bestfriend would live.

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My grandmother took me, my sis, and cousins to her bedroom to watch cartoons The dog barked, whining with excitement from its tiny kennel like it did every week when he came, annoying him greatly. A good house is the house that makes the dweller feels not fells comfortable. It is more about the feelings, relationships, Warmth of relations etc all that count, and your KARMA, which will identify you in eyes of others- that means they will keep you alive in their memory.

Even without "house" people have few of their close friends or so to say, people who feel close to these people. They are rich. Happiness is a temporary phenomenon. Keep on dreaming. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina Sarve Niramayah Did u try to use external powers for studying?

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Like Evolution Writers? They helped me a lot once. Such a nice description you have shared here. Row House in Indore Everyone has a dream of his dream home and your idea of dream home is also nice. Thank you for your writting. I hope you can have a dream home in the future. Have you ever used the help of DigitalEssay. They can help you with any type of writing - from personal statement to research paper.

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  • Due to this service you'll save your time and get an essay without plagiarism. Awsome essay this really helped me out alot and this essay is amazing Have you see another one My dream house essay? Sunday, 31 March My Dream House. My Dream House. House is the place to stay together with part of our family.

    A good house is the house that makes the dweller fells so comfortable. My dream house is the house that has complete facility and wide garden. I want to try my best to get my dream house in my future later on. Actually, my dream house is so simple to make if I have a lot of money.

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    • In the first floor of my house I want to have six bedrooms, one bedroom for my parents, one bedroom for me, and the other bedroom for my children later on. In every bedroom I want to have complete furniture and facilities such as there are bathrooms, table, chair, television, etc. In every bathroom there are complete facilities such as shower, the thing that use to organize temperature of the water so that I enjoy when take a bath.

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      Descriptive Writing - My Dream House

      In the kitchen of my house I want to have complete facilities such as refrigerator to put the foods, vegetable, meat, eggs, cold drink, etc, the stove to cook everyday and the other facility. In the second floor of my house I will make a big living room, the purpose just as a place together with part of my family. In every side of the second floor there are many windows, the purpose just so that I can enjoy the view from the second floor.

      In the right side of my house I will make a wide garden filled with complete kind of fruits. Behind of my house I will make swimming pool and small football yard. Because my hobby is playing football I will use that yard to play football together with my friends after work, my life cannot be separated from football. If we already get a lot of sweet we will swim together. Have you ever imagined to have your dream house? I think you will enjoy your daily activity at home and that is like heaven of world. I know to make my dream house will not be easy for me because it needs a lot of money , to get a lot of money the first thing that should I do is I must be successful.

      I want to make my family, friends, and the other that I love proud to me. My dream house is the house that makes me and my family feels comfortable; enjoy the situation, and safe. Although just small house it can be my dream house for me because the most important things for me is togetherness with part of my family. Luxury house is not always comfortable for me.