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However, he remembered the help Pip had given him, years earlier, and dedicated himself to creating a gentleman. Later it becomes apparent that Magwitch feels he owns Pip for the support he bestowed upon him. This is outlined in the following quote from Chapter All on you owns stock and land; which on you owns a brought-up London gentleman?

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To examine another possible use for Great Expectations on your English Lit Exam we will take a look at another prompt. Select a novel, play, or epic poem in which acts of cruelty are important to the theme. Cruelty is an underlying theme throughout the story. A possible thesis is as follows.

In Great Expectations, the theme of cruelty is represented through both physical and psychological means of individuals and society. You can choose from Pip being abused by his sister and Miss Havisham. The abuse he undergoes at the hands of Estella and conversely the abuse suffered by Estella to make her into a weapon of destruction.

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For example, Pip undergoes cruelty at the heavy hand of his sister and the mental turmoil supplied by Miss Havisham. He not only undergoes physical harm from Mrs. Joe but also harms himself as a punishment for his weakness. Furthermore, when faced with disdain and rejection from Estella, thanks to the plans of Miss Havisham, he reacts by loving her more. Evidence for these statements can be found in the following quotes from chapters 8, 29, 29, 39, and 44 respectively. It may be only small injustice that the child can be exposed to; but the child is small, and its world is small, and its rocking-horse stands as many hands high, according to scale, as a big-boned Irish hunter.

Once for all; I knew to my sorrow, often and often, if not always, that I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be. Once for all; I loved her nonetheless because I knew it, and it had no more influence in restraining me, than if I had devoutly believed her to be human perfection.

I have never had any such thing. But I think she did not. I think that in the endurance of her own trial, she forgot mine, Estella. Classic literary works always have many themes, allowing for their use in a variety of prompt types. Again, Great Expectations was not on the suggested list.

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Pip would never have met half the characters of the novel such as his best friend, Herbert, Jaggers, and Wemmick. The novel would be driven into a different direction. She has ever since lived in the moment when she got the note that her wedding with Compeyson was off as all her clocks stayed at the same time of that moment and she still wears her bridal clothing from back then. The fact that she got rejected by her future husband induced her to hate men in general, to never love them again, and to adopt a child for herself, which happens to be Estella, the long-lost child of Abel Magwitch and Molly.

All of this leads to the intimidating duo of Estella and Miss Havisham at Satis House, whom Pip fears and terrorizes him for much of the better first part of the novel. Miss Havisham reveals that she has been giving orders to Estella to accomplish her goals for her as Estella is very attractive by acting dispassionate towards her suitors. Miss Havisham drives the plot by giving Pip the idea to leave his first known home away from Joe, Mrs. Joe, and Biddy.

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In addition, she was thoroughly thought to be the secret benefactor of Pip throughout the novel until Magwitch revealed it was him. Later, Miss Havisham changes her personality and became a totally different person as she regrets the pain she had given Pip and it was assumed she attempted suicide by catching herself on fire, leading Pip to rescue her.

This event also influenced Pip to realize that his great expectations are not very significant towards him, but human feelings.

Also, Miss Havisham let Estella go free to do whatever she wants, so she married Drummle. However, she realizes that Drummle is not the man for her and after his death, she meets Pip and finally admits that she now sees that Pip has feelings of love for her. The following paper focuses on the theme of guilt which starts to be evident from the very beginning of the novel till the last chapter. Pip, the main character of the book, begins his life in a sort of guilty environment. In the first chapter, the author describes the grim relationships prevailed in his family.

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  7. After saying that to the kid, she literally made him think that there is no way out and his destiny was already known. Consequently, growing up in such environment definitely had a significant impact on his development. To illustrate, Pip once helped the escaped convict by stealing a file and food.

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    He knew that stealing was regarded as a crime but still did it. After that Pip felt terrible guilt and his more or less calm life turned into fear of being discovered. Formerly a convict, Magwitch was a key character in making Pip the gentleman. Considering this from another angle, Pip is young and innocent, if not take into account all the attempts to make him guilty, but some critics believe that Pip was happy in his mind when the assault on his sister had happened even though he did not take part in it Trotter For Pip, it was a sort of revenge for all the reproaches he experienced during his childhood.

    Moreover, Pip underwent a significant transformation after he had become a gentleman.

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    It is especially evident if to consider the way his relationships with Joe changed. During his younger years, Pip was willing to become a blacksmith just like Joe. But after climbing the social ladder, he started to be ashamed that he was once a blacksmith boy. What is more, the setting of the novel contributes to the atmosphere of guilt.