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All Graduate Students. Students have the right to petition any College, Rackham, or Department rule or requirement.

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Any petition that bears on graduation plans should be submitted prior to the term in which a student intends to graduate, so there is time for alternate arrangements to be made if the petition is not approved. Students should always attach supporting documentation e. The result of the petition will be communicated via email at each stage of the process see flow chart below. You can also check the status of your petition here.


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If you are petitioning a Department rule, then the Department will review and make a decision. If you are petitioning a Rackham or College rule, then the Department will review, followed by Rackham or the College, as appropriate. Depending on which parties are involved in the review process, the response time frame can be a few days to a few weeks. The ME Graduate Coordinator will keep you informed via email. All Ph.

International travel is increasingly important to our work. Our students are taking to heart our encouragement to study abroad. The University has developed this policy and the resources that support it in order to make the international travel experience more enjoyable and secure for the entire University community.

It addresses the health, safety, and security of U-M travelers. This policy addresses the U-M Travel Registry; travel abroad health insurance; emergency evacuation insurance; U-M travel warnings or University travel restrictions; and international travel involving student groups. This confidential and secure database provides a convenient tool for the traveler and the department to coordinate travel details.

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It will also help the University locate you if an emergency situation arises. Faculty and staff traveling internationally are covered under the University's blanket policy with that vendor. The Student Initiated Administrative Review SIAR is the process by which a graduate student submits to the Mechanical Engineering Departmental Administration a request to review a faculty decision or action and thereby officially launching a dispute resolution process. It is strongly recommended that student first attempt an informal resolution.


Once the SIAR process has been formally initiated, a panel of Mechanical Engineering faculty and students who are independent of the matter under consideration will be assembled to review the case. The students involved will be elected by the student body for a one year position to serve as a student member of the administrative review resolution panels.

All SIARs will be respected as sensitive to the parties involved but cannot be maintained as confidential due to the nature of the resolution process. However, it is necessary that a student never initiates more than one review at a time for the same incident. If a student chooses not to pursue the SIAR process, or is unsatisfied with the outcome, a student can request a separate review from Rackham by contacting rackhamdeansinfo umich.

The recommended steps to resolving disputes are as follows:. Follow the link for the official policy. It does not need to be submitted unless requested by your program adviser. A student in a Rackham doctoral or master's program must complete at least one term of coursework in good academic standing in a regular Rackham program before requesting admission to a dual degree program. Please review the guidelines thoroughly for this option. This form will be finalized the semester of graduation, if not prior.

A student must have completed at least 8 credits of graduate level coursework in Rackham, and have at least a B average, before requesting a transfer of credit. A faculty committee reviews nominations and selects finalists which are forwarded to the Michigan Society of Fellows. Members of the Society of Fellows make the final selection, including those designated for honorable mention.

Recipients will be notified in March , and awards will be presented at a public event on Tuesday, April 28, The online nomination dossier may be set up by a faculty or staff member. Others may be given login access to the site as needed.

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The nomination system may be accessed as often as needed in order to complete the nomination dossier. All materials must be uploaded in Adobe PDF format.

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Complete the online cover sheet with all information requested for both the nominee and the nominator—not the administrator who may have initiated the dossier—and the contact information for the graduate coordinator. The nominating letter may be no longer than 1, words and should address the areas below; those that do not will disadvantage the nominee:. Up to three additional letters of up to 1, words each may be provided by faculty or others who have worked with the nominee and can comment on the merits of the dissertation. The letter writers must submit be instructed to submit letters in PDF format directly to the online nomination dossier.

The link for letter writers to submit letters of support will be available when nominations open in early September. ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards.