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This festival of Pongal falls in the month of January after the winter solstice. As such, this Pongal festival marks the favourable course of the Sun. It is a three-day festival. The fourth day is a day for outdoors and excursions.

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The first day is celebrated as the Bhogi Pongal. It is usually meant for domestic activities and of being together with the family members. This first day is celebrated in honour of Lord Indra, the supreme ruler of clouds that give rains. Homage is paid to Lord Indra for the abundance of harvest, thereby bringing plenty and prosperity to the land.

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An interesting story is told. Indra Dev, being worshipped by all on this day, became proud and arrogant. Terribly enraged, Indra sent forth the seven clouds to bring forth thunder, lightning and heavy rains to cause deluge to destroy the shepherds. But Lord Krishna lifted up the Govardhan Mountain under which the shepherds and their cattle got full shelter.

Once more Lord Krishna allowed Bhogi celebrations to continue in honour of Indra. There is a beautiful carving at Mahabalipuram showing Krishna lifting Govardhan. On this day before Sun rise a huge bonfire is lit in front of the houses. All the useless household things are thrown into the fire. The burning of all that is old is symbolic of the starting of a fresh new year. The bonfire is kept burning throughout the night.

These are made from the hides of buffaloes. The harvest of rice, turmeric and sugarcane is brought in. Homes are cleaned till they literally shine.


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In villages, yellow pumpkin flowers are set out in cow-dung balls in the middle of the designs. The second day of Pongal is known as Surya Pongal. It is dedicated to the Sun God. On this day the granaries are full. Sun shines brightly. Trees are in full bloom. On the first day of the festival, all the farmers and their family pay their homage to Lord Indra due to who is the ruler of Clouds and also the reason for They pray to God that he should bless him as always so that farmers can get a huge amount of harvest every year.

After that, there is a ceremony where people throw their unused wood items in a fire, and then people dance around that bonfire to celebrate this amazing festival. On the second day , various rituals get performed by lots of people, but the best among all is that people do puja for blessing them with lots of harvests this year and then rice is boiled in milk in an earthenware pot. All the people are dressed traditionally to celebrate this amazing day and in a ritual husband and wife dispose of the utensil used for Puja.

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On the third day of the festival, Cows get worshipped with various rituals. Bells get tied to the neck of a cow , and people do prayers among them for their betterment, and then all the cows are taken to the centers of the villages where people get attracted to the sweet voice of the bells tied with the neck of a cow. People worship cows there, and a festival like atmosphere gets created itself. On the fourth day , the leftovers of the first and second days get placed along with turmeric leaf and lots of other things and people perform various kinds of traditional rituals outside their houses.

It is celebrated after the winter solstice MakarSankranti in the month of the Paus January- February.

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  • Pongal is a sweet preparation of rice, milk and jiggery. It is a harvest festival. This festival signifies good wishes, wealth, abundance and prosperity. Pongal is celebrated for four days. A rathyatra procession is taken out from the Kandaswamy temple in Chennai ,on the day of Pongal. The first day of celebrating Pongal is known as Bhogi Pongal. The celebrations are confined within families and it is a family festival.

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    The second day is Surya Pongal or Sun Worship. Rice boiled in milk and flavored with jiggery is offered to the Sun God.

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    It is customary for friends to greet each other. On the third day, cattle are worshiped and called Mattu Pongal. On this day all cattle and birds are fed. Pongal is offered to local deities.