Tabloid and broadsheet comparison essay

Broadsheet newspapers because of this use far more complex sentences than a tabloid, despite similar paragraph size. Tabloids use language that is very simple and use few words that are 3 or 4 syllables long unless it is direct speech.

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This is again adding to the idea that the reading age required for a tabloid newspaper is not as high as that for a broadsheet. Paragraphs are the body of writing in a newspaper. This is probably the only area in which the two types of newspaper are similar. Paragraphs are of similar length; they are quite short to keep the story flowing and to keep the readers interest.

It is this way because the two types are trying to appeal to different audiences.

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In conclusion, the differences between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers are down to the audiences they are trying to gather. The main target audience of a tabloid newspaper, after studying aspects of the newspaper, is that of a younger one. A stereotype of a younger person is that they less intelligent and therefore prefer newspapers that are more colourful, have bold headlines, and have an interesting but easy read. The main target audience of a broadsheet newspaper, after studying them in detail, is an older person.

A stereotype of an older person is that they do not like bright colours as much, they are more intelligent and therefore can cope with a lot of complex sentences, and they prefer newspapers that look reliable, trustworthy and give the truth as far as possible. It will give both sides of the story to ensure that the reader can make up their own mind.

Compare tabloid and broadsheet newspaper styles.

How to Write an Article (Broadsheet Opinion Piece)

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Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Thank You! Send Message. But we should ask on what the media's. Tabloid papers focus more on celebrity issues and tend to sensationalise. Broadsheets tend to be more informative, covering more political and international news.

Broadsheets are printed on A2 paper. They have a main story on the left of the cover page, with a photo for another story in the centre of the page. They sometimes have additional stories at the bottom of the page and in a column in the top right. Tabloid papers have a large main headline with …show more content….

Compare tabloid and broadsheet newspaper styles Paper

Tabloid papers tend to focus on national news stories, only covering foreign stories if they are of major significance, or could affect Britain. They also like to report on celebrities, especially ones that are in the public eye. This is appealing to the target audience, young men and women who want to copy their idols and cant be bothered to have there own political opinion and are usually not bothered with international or political news as they are usually not people from the professional working class. Tabloid papers tend to be more opinionated than broadsheets, The Sun has a whole page dedicated to its political opinions, and they usually follow a political party, which is usually the Labour party.

They also have a habit of sensationalising stories. Broadsheets tend to be more informative and have a wider range of articles that associate with the reader they aim to attract. Both newspapers were brought on the same day, which was Monday the 15th December and was the day that Saddam Hussein was captured. As this was a very big story both newspapers have dedicated their front pages on this with a large image or photograph of Saddam Hussein. Images are used in newspapers to add a visual image for the reader.

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Comparing tabloid and broadsheet newspapers - A-Level Media Studies - Marked by

Read More. Popular Essays. Open Document. Firstly, I will need to collect the relevant data. I will count the letters of 50 words at the start of an article in each paper that covers the same story. I will choose my sample by choosing the first articles in each that match up with the same story and of at least 50 words each. Choosing an article with the same story from each paper is a fair comparison as the type of story can effect how easy it is to read e.

Comparing tabloid and broadsheet newspapers

Then I shall count the number of words in the first 30 sentences, moving to the adjacent article if the initial article has less than 30 sentences. The two articles cover the same stories to make it a fair investigation as explained previously.

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      Analyzing the Two Newspaper Articles

      The story is primarily about a man who had raped his two daughters several times. The Broadsheet focuses on sympathizing for the girls, giving all. Comparison on tabloid and broadsheet newspapers: On Courtney mother of three at the age of As newspapers are primarily for information, entertainment and leisure people tend to buy the paper, which most suits their needs newspaper play a vital role to shape the publics opinion. In broadsheet human interest are more factual. The newspaper that I am comparing are tabloid which is the Daily Mail and the broadsheet The Sunday Times both talk about the story of a girl.

      This coursework will be divided into three parts. The background and context, the view of both articles i. The main idea is to compare two news articles about a prison called Guantanomo. I will be looking at the techniques used in each article and their effectiveness. I will use this comparison. Both articles agree that there are too many asylum seekers, but are presented in a very different way to each other. Article one is a shorter more aggressive tract, not intended to make the reader think about the article but just to instantly agree with it.