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Both these releases will also include bonus material never officially released. In the meantime, we'll see our Western European fans in less than 2 months at Roadburn Festival Newer Post Older Post Home. Posts Atom. Comments Atom. Just the rating, and there's no guarantee that all ratings will change. This journal is protected under first amendment rights, if you're offended, please leave, chances are, we are offended by YOU. This is NOT a personal diary, this is an extreme metal journal, about and for extreme metal heads whom are not ignorant to the reality of society.

The opinions expressed on this journal do NOT reflect the scene, industry, genre, town, local and regional promoters, venues, clubs or government, landlords, management, housemates ect. Apart from being a dense and very elaborate album, each theme summarizes an incatalogable importance since there are some tracks that stand out above others like for example "Grim Eloquence". It is a song that is gaining momentum with the passage of each minute. Decadent and atmospheric, the guitars in the background are at the mercy of the hypnotic synthesized passages with a small and luxuriant spectral attire.


The cello creates a picturesque attire difficult to describe and the solo at the end puts a little icing on the cake, but not everything is there. If something must be said, it is the cover. It is a perfect match to the flow and the reflux of music that a group like Evoken is able to offer to the listeners.

In general we have an open and mature design reflecting the melancholy, but here they have emphasized mainly on the funeral aspect of the black death. It is one of the most elaborated covers where you can see those black figures hooded away from what appears to be a well of plague and putrefaction.

An image perfectly personified and united to all that amalgam that involves the global characterization of the group. This is one of those records, the more you listen to it, the more it fills you; in addition to each listening, you can discover more passages and melodies that previously you had not discerned with clarity. Let's talk about the more relaxed cuts "A tenebrous Vision" and "Requies Aeterna". The first is carried by a light and merciful piano melody that serves a bit of calm before so much sound and "Requies Aeterna" is more of an acoustic and violin fragments with a melody much more affordable and pleasant than the previous interlude.

It would be tragic to forget John, the vocalist of the band. Here, John Paradiso roars like a meat-hungry beast. David Wagner's bass resonates with a very careful spectral whispers. Chris Molinari unleashes a heavy, more melodic song, descending perfectly into the chaotic dream that Evoken wants to announce in his lyrics.

It is one of those tracks where the keyboardist of the group, Mr. Don Zaros, is making a duet with the guitars, a really spectacular play. It is always difficult to review a work of this nature, especially if we talk about Evoken where each song lasts approximately 10, 11 and up to 13 minutes. And not only that, they are very varied songs, it is not the typical doom band that repeats and ends up boring you.


Sometimes this genre is not suitable for everyone, its slowness and thickness so confirmed can also be sour to a blind new fan. Although "Atra Mors" is more than that, it is music for the pure delight of a few…. We find one of these works in that it is very difficult to find some kind of "error" or shoddy composition in all its magnificence listening and repeating songs and never end up getting tired to hear the same album all the time and among them is this album definitely became my favorite albums in my collection.

The beginning of this journey begins with the powerful, mystical, mysterious, dark and depressive Atra Mors, which is the song of the same name titled album. Here the use of synthesizing resulted in a novelty, as in previous work by the band, the use of keyboards is very low, providing an exquisite ingredient within the atmosphere of the album. Atra Mors is extraordinarily spectacular as it is the eve of a dark journey, full of heaviness that will freeze your heart from beginning to end; also growls of vocalist evokes great despair, making you feel the only person listening to music a thousand times.

But entering the review, the album's sound is novel because it incorporates a synth that is in keeping with the established sound of the band, giving a rawness style accompanied by the sound of distorted guitars. Also a song worthy of recognition is the song 'Descend into Chaotic Dream' in this song is very noticeable with the use of acoustic guitars and a rich court setting with synthesizers and clean vocals used by singer giving the song an air of hopelessness and depression characteristic of funeral doom.

In the song 'A Tenebrous Vision' is an instrumental where most exploits the use of keyboards as well as in the song 'Requies Aeterna' in which he experimented with the use of cellos and acoustic guitar; noteworthy that these two songs in spite of being much shorter enrich the sound and instrumentation used in the production of this album. In my opinion, the quality of the album and the bulk of the sound brings the songs "Grim Eloquence', 'Into Aphotic Devastation', 'An extrinsic Divide' and the monumental 'The Unechoing Dread', where the band expresses melancholy, aggression and despair at its best.

I enjoy the genre, but it is one I enjoy in small doses and limit myself to a few bands the greats of course. Fortunately enough, Evoken have found a place in the funeral doom I enjoy and as a casual fan of the genre I think that says something about the quality of the music Evoken play. Okay, okay, so they're not full-on funeral doom, they have quite a bit of death metal influence in their sound too. Embrace the Emptiness is the band's debut album seeing a re-release on Elegy Records this year.

With the exception of an intro, we have six tracks here, none of which is shorter than 9 minutes. Each and every track is a crushing display, with excellent dynamics, a great ear for melody, and great clarity of each instrument. I found the best way to listen to this is was to turn the lights off, lie down in bed and listen to this on my headphones.

I found myself picking out the most subtle elements of the sound and falling in love with them, this may be slow but there isn't one wasted note throughout the album's 70 minutes. I mean, come on, with song titles such as "Chime the Centuries End" this had to be awesome. This is the kind of album you look to for a musical journey, and this journey just happens to crush your soul in the process.

Fans of acts such as Esoteric, Thergothon, Pantheist or even Disembowelment should get this right now if they haven't already. Originally written for www. The heavy and slow riffing is drenched in a gloomy, murky aura, that grabs hold of your innards, twists it and evokes a feeling of desperation, angst and despair.

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Extremely beautiful and melodic, without losing brutality and ferocity. There are moments reminiscing of a classic doom metal sound, although the death reeking funeral vibe is what overwhelms you with emotions. Combining that ultra heavy riffing with the rhythmic drumming easily sends you into a catatonic state, with wickedly beautiful and masterful drum-work. Adding yet another aspect of saddened atmosphere via the keyboard just enhances all previously said emotions. The vocals vary from clean to slow, harsh, deep growls, also masterfully done.


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