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And this result of literature is called a literary work. Literary work consists of two types, namely imaginative and non-imaginative. Both literary works are basically the same, that is both are expressed aesthetically, but they have a different in expression.


Imaginative type is commonly using connotative sentence to express an idea, while non-imaginative type is more realistic than the imaginative one. It uses denotative sentence. Non-imaginative type consists of essay, criticism, biography, autobiography, history, memoir, diary, and letters. And imaginative type consists of poetry, fiction, and drama.

In this paper, the writer takes a drama as an object that will be further analyzed. Drama may be defined as a work of literature or a composition which delineates life and human activity by means of presenting various actions of — and dialogues between — a group of characters Reaske, Drama was firstly introduced by a Greek philosopher Aristotle. He also identified six elements of drama that enhance not only the story telling, but also the instructive and aesthetic values of a play.



To analyze a drama in a study or paper there must be minimally two elements that support each other, such as plot and character. Plot and character are two significant elements and very needed in a story. Plot is the arrangement of the incidents or events in a story, which are interconnected each other, that makes a story more interesting and easy to be comprehended. Meanwhile, character is the player in the story; it may be humans, animals, or other imagination creatures created by the author.

The story contains problems appearing within the actions that make the character struggle to overcome the problems. Objective of the Study After reading the story of the drama, the writer concludes that there are many conflicts found which dealing with the main character.

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And of course the conflicts may influence the main character. Therefore, the writer can illustrate the objective of the study into four objectives. Second, after analyzing the main characteristics, the writer tries to find out the conflicts dealing with them, either internal or external conflicts. Disini kami menyediakan berbagai contoh Skripsi, Tesis, PTK dan karya tulis lainnya untuk memberikan refrensi atau pedoman dalam penyusunan,.

Ultimum remedium associated with the problem of how to determine can not be convicted or sentenced an act committed intentionally or by negligence.

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Prior to the District Court, a criminal tax cases through a long process, which begins with IDLP analysis, preliminary evidence examination and investigation. In IDLP analysis process, analysts can only conclude that the particular taxpayer is not necessary but sufficient preliminary evidence examination conducted by the appeals officer Account Representative at the tax office or tax audit aimed to test compliance with tax obligations. Tax audit will result in tax assessments. The tax assessments in the taxpayer does not agree then it can file an objection process.

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After the verdict objection, the taxpayer can still take his right to appeal to the Tax Court. Start the issuance of an assessment is to Appeal Decision of the Tax Court takes no more than 2 two years and 6 six months. At the time of the initial investigations, taxpayers are given the right to complete the administrative duties.

Taxpayers can express their own accord with a written statement regarding his actions untruth. This written statement must be signed by the taxpayer and shall be accompanied by: a. Tax Payment Letter as proof of payment of the tax underpayment; and c. At the time of the inspection process of investigation, taxpayers are still given a chance to complete its obligations administratively. Minister of Finance submitted a letter of request to the Attorney General to terminate the investigation.

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The letter is accompanied by a request to terminate the investigation of reasons which include: a. The ways of the administrative settlement set forth in the tax laws reflect the application of the principle ultimum remedium.

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